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Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park Is “The Smart Park"

Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park is featured on the cover of Green Building & Design and is named "The Smart Park" for its design that "represents a new era of ecological engineering." Alan Oakes says, "The key to Hunter's Point Park's success is how it relates to the diverse community it serves, and its program makes a definitive statement in ecological design."

Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park has also been awarded Best of Landscape of 2013 by The Architect's Newspaper. Incorporating active and passive recreation and a broad array of sustainable initiatives, the park is designed to transform Hunter's Point South into a new cultural and ecological paradigm. Kate Orff said, "If we're going to call it Landscape of the Year it has to be somewhat aspirational. I think this project has great civic aspirations, especially for a neighborhood park."

Hunter's Point recently received an award for best new space for "play" in Architect Magazine's Annual Design Review.

January 20, 2014