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The Plan Features Editorial by Michael A. Manfredi and Marion Weiss

"New Territories: Social Infrastructures" by Michael and Marion was recently featured as the headlining editorial essay in the Italian magazine The Plan, issue 092.

They state, "The language of architecture is often too singular to address new and changing programs, whereas the language of planning is not specific enough to address the nuances of site sand scale. Both fall short and necessitate the development of new design strategies, new languages. In this emergent context we advocate acupunctural design strategies that register a big impact."

The feature highlights a selection of recent WEISS/MANFREDI projects, including Barnard College's Diana Center, the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Building, University of Pennsylvania's Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology, Sylvan Theater at the Washington Monument Grounds, a mixed-use building for MIT at Kendall Square, and a corporate co-location building for Cornell NYC Tech.

For more information, visit The Plan.

October 30, 2016