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Marion Weiss to Participate in Storefront's Reading Images Series

"Reading Images Series: Beyond the City" will bring together a panel of architects and theorists—Marion Weiss, Bruno Carvalho, Felipe Correa, Eva Franch, and Catherine Seavitt—to examine images of existing and projected urban settlements in the South American continent to reflect upon topics of Developmentalism, knowledge transfer, authorship, and territory. What is the role of architecture in shaping territories defined by raw resources? How can architecture develop tools to operate beyond the bounds of the traditional metropolis?

This discussion is organized on the occasion of the book launch for "Beyond the City: Resource Extraction Urbanism in South America" by Felipe Correa.

"Reading Images Series: Beyond the City" will take place 7-9 pm at Storefront on Tuesday, November 15th.

For further details, visit Storefront for Art and Architecture.

November 10, 2016