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Michael Manfredi Participates in Storefront's "Drawing Series: A Line"

"Drawing Series: A Line" invited Michael Manfredi together with Koray Duman, Sandro Marpillero, Margery Perlmutter, and Charles Renfro to draw a single, continuous line for seven minutes while articulating the ideas behind their drawing decisions. The performance took place 7-9pm at FXFOWLE's gallery space on January 25th.

Storefront's Drawing Series brings together scholars and practitioners to engage in the simultaneous acts of narration and drawing, using tools that range from pen and paper to digital devices. The events invoked a discussion around the relationship between modes of production and their representation. A real-time video feed of the drawing process recorded and displayed the performance for the audience. The charcoal sketch drawn by Manfredi during the presentation was added to Storefront's collection.

For more information, visit Storefront.

January 1, 2017