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Marion Presents at University of Pennsylvania's Festschrift in Honor of David Leatherbarrow

On Thursday, May 19, Marion Weiss presented at Festschrift in Honor of David Leatherbarrow at University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design. Dr. Leatherbarrow, a long-time friend and colleague to Marion Weiss, is an esteemed academic in architectural education and has taught theory and design at UPenn since 1984. He has received some of the greatest honors in architecture including the Topaz Medallion, the highest award given by the AIA and AWCA for excellence in architectural education. 

Weiss, having worked alongside Dr. Leatherbarrow at the University of Pennsylvania for several years, was invited to speak at the celebration in his honor amongst fellow scholars and architects Joseph Rykwert, Carlos Eduardo Comas, John Dixon Hunt, James Corner, Billie Tsien, and Grace La. 

Marion Weiss’ presentation explored David Leatherbarrow’s notable achievements in design, education, and writing and the incredible influence his work has had on designers and scholars everywhere, including Weiss/Manfredi and their projects. 

Weiss’ lecture included inspiring quotes by Dr. Leatherbarrow that were pulled from his published written works and his contributions to Weiss/Manfredi’s Surface/Subsurface. A testament to the immense influence David Leatherbarrow has had on the world of architecture and design, the quotes in the presentation also included words by Dr. Leatherbarrow that Marion Weiss had noted during casual and collaborative lunches throughout the years.