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Michael Manfredi and Marion Weiss deliver opening lecture for the Charles Correa Foundation Gold Medal Award

On May 9, Michael Manfredi and Marion Weiss delivered the opening lecture for the Charles Correa Foundation Gold Medal Award, which honored the most outstanding undergraduate architectural thesis from universities across India. Titled "Architecture, Climate, and Other Reciprocities," the lecture focused on climate-resilient projects and how climate solutions evolve within different contexts. 

Charles Correa was a celebrated Indian architect and urban planner recognized for bridging traditionality and modernism to enhance the quality of human lives. He was noted for having a human-centric approach to design and revered the climates, cultures, and history of the spaces he designed for.

The Foundation is a non-profit that was formed by Correa to aid in the completion of human-centric projects from voices that may have not been heard otherwise. To learn more about the Foundation, click here.

A video recording of the lecture is forthcoming.

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