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Marion Weiss Featured on Design:Ed and Second Studio Podcasts

Marion Weiss recently appeared on two podcasts.

For Architectural Record's DESIGN:ED podcast, she talks to architect and host Aaron Prinz about creativity and criticism, working for the public, and the influence of landscape and topography on architecture.

DESIGN:ED features guests from top architecture firms around the world, who share their professional highs and lows, as well as lessons learned throughout their careers.

Listen to Marion's DESIGN:ED podcast episode at Architectural Record or wherever you get your podcasts.

In a special two-episode series with SECOND STUDIO, Weiss/Manfredi joins architects/podcast hosts David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet for discussions of life and work in architecture, from blurring the boundaries between architecture, art and landscape to seeing the increased use of public spaces designed by the firm during the time of COVID-19.

In Part One, Marion Weiss discusses her journey into architecture: from her upbringing in California, her creative influences and first architectural feats, to her interest in a more expansive territory for architecture, landscape, and urban challenges that led to the start of the Weiss/Manfredi studio.

Part Two, featuring Michael Manfredi, will be forthcoming in Summer 2021.

THE SECOND STUDIO is a podcast about design, architecture, and the everyday. It features different creative professionals in unscripted and long-format interviews with thoughtful takes and personal discussions.

Listen at, at, or on any of your favorite podcast apps.

June 4, 2021