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Weiss/Manfredi Wins Two Awards for Barnard College Diana Center: the Aia New York State "Award of Excellence" and the "Best in New York State" Award

The Diana Center, a 98,000 square-foot multipurpose arts building at Barnard College, is the winner of the American Institute of Architects 'Best in New York State' Award and was cited for an 'Award of Excellence' by the AIA New York State Design Awards Jury. The Diana Center establishes a new nexus for social, cultural, and intellectual life on campus and within the city.

Located on Broadway, the Diana Center unites landscape and architecture, interior and exterior in a seven-story structure that rethinks the conventions of a mixed use building. Carving a diagonal void through the building, ascending double-height glass atria establish views through diverse program spaces and visually connect Lehman Lawn to the upper floors of the building and the green roof. The slipped atria and unfolded glazed staircase bring in natural light and eliminate visual boundaries between the College and the city while providing spaces for informal interaction to encourage collaboration and dialogue across disciplines. The program includes architecture and painting studios, a 500-seat events space, black box theatre, cafe, dining room, reading room, classrooms, and exhibition galleries.

April 12, 2012