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Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi to Host Workshop at BMW Guggenheim Lab This Week

Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi and their Harvard University Graduate School of Design studio will be hosting a workshop on the topic of "Evolutionary Infrastructure: An Unfinished Utopia" at the BMW Guggenheim Lab on Friday, September 23rd at 3–5 p.m.

Larger than life but part of it, infrastructure has an immediate presence; it shapes our environment and urban life in vital, authentic, and often messy ways. With the ultimate goal of discovering the renewed potential of the utopian megaform in the context of today's evolving metropolis, the group will lead a presentation and workshop on the challenges and potential of inhabitable infrastructure in urban territories.

An analysis of selected inhabitable infrastructure proposals conceived between 1925–1969 and selected realized precedents constructed between 1915–2010 will serve as the touchstone for a larger study analyzing the physical and philosophical extension of the High Bridge Towers/Nervi Bus Station—a constructed utopia superimposed over the Cross Manhattan Expressway.

April 24, 2012