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Weiss/Manfredi named Architect for Washington University’s new Arts & Sciences Building

Weiss/Manfredi will lead a new campus building project at Washington University in St Louis. Situated at the heart of the University’s Danforth Campus, the new Arts & Sciences building will configure a quad west of Olin Library and north of Graham Chapel, housing departments and programs, championing the University’s diversity and inclusion efforts, strengthening student-facing academic services and resources, and offering signature events and gathering spaces.


To win the project, Weiss/Manfredi participated in a monthslong selection process. In the University’s announcement, Craig D. Schnuck—Chair of the Facilities and Campus Planning Committee of the Board of Trustees—underlined Weiss/Manfredi’s compatibility with the goals of Washington University: “We are creating a building that will foster learning and discovery for more than a century.”


Washington University’s Arts & Sciences Building joins several Weiss/Manfredi-designed interdisciplinary campus projects, such as the Student Center at Smith College, Barnard College’s Diana Center, and Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale University, among others. As both architects and educators, partners and co-founders Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi—teaching at University of Pennsylvania School of Design and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, respectively—believe the best campus buildings foster interaction and collaboration. Joining their project team is WUSTL alumnus Patrick Armacost (BFA ’96), current principal at Weiss/Manfredi: “As an alumnus of the arts at Washington University, I am thrilled to begin working on a site and campus that was foundational to my education and professional career,” he says.


Read the full announcement on the Washington University Website.


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