We design to clarify the physical and cultural identity of each project, opportunistically integrating multiple disciplines and alternative methodologies to create meaningful settings. 

Multi-story winter gardens are dispersed throughout the building and dissolve internal boundaries, creating conditions for chance encounters and conversations that spark innovation.
Envisioned as a crystalline incubator, the Tata Innovation Center establishes a catalytic setting for research and innovation.
Five floors of open office work areas are connected by an ascending spiral of "living rooms," public spaces with vistas to the generous 230-acre campus.
The Visitor Reception embodies the spirit of technological innovation and the sustainable vision of this innovative research institution.
The building is poised to serve as a catalyst for innovation, entrepreneurship, and vibrant urban life.
Envisioned as a hybrid assemblage of landscape and architecture, the year-round retreat provides a setting for the cultivation of relationships essential to creating international peace.